Copa bwin

Copa Bwin: Portugal’s Top Football Cup Competition

Copa Bwin, previously known as Taça da Liga, is Portugal’s second most prestigious football competition after the Primeira Liga. The tournament is organized by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and is open to all clubs in the Primeira Liga and the Segunda Liga.


Copa Bwin was first played in 2007-08, replacing the former Taça Ribeiro dos Reis. The competition was initially named Taça CTT after its main sponsor, Correios de Portugal (CTT). In 2013, the tournament was renamed Taça da Liga and received sponsorship from the Portuguese betting company Bwin.


Copa Bwin is played in a single-elimination format, with the final match being played at a neutral venue. The tournament begins with a group stage, in which the teams are divided into four groups of four. The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage, which consists of quarterfinals, semifinals, and the final.


FC Porto is the most successful club in Copa Bwin history, having won the competition three times (2010, 2013, and 2020). Sporting CP and Benfica have each won the tournament twice, while Braga and Moreirense have each won it once.


Copa Bwin is an important competition for Portuguese clubs, as it provides them with an opportunity to win a major trophy and qualify for European competitions. The winner of the tournament earns a place in the UEFA Europa Conference League, while the runner-up qualifies for the third qualifying round of the competition.

Current Sponsors

Bwin is the current main sponsor of Copa Bwin. The betting company has been associated with the tournament since 2013 and its sponsorship will continue until at least 2025. Other sponsors of the competition include Super Bock, Delta Cafés, and Nike.

Impact on Portuguese Football

Copa Bwin has had a significant impact on Portuguese football, providing smaller clubs with an opportunity to compete against the country’s top teams. The tournament has also helped to develop young Portuguese players and give them a platform to showcase their talent.

Notable Matches

Copa Bwin has produced many memorable matches over the years, including:

2010 Final: FC Porto defeated Benfica 3-1 to win its first Copa Bwin title.

2013 Semifinal: Braga defeated Sporting CP 5-2 in a thrilling penalty shootout.

2018 Final: Moreirense defeated Braga 3-1 to win its first major trophy.

2020 Final: FC Porto defeated Braga 2-0 to win its third Copa Bwin title.


Copa Bwin is a prestigious and competitive football competition that plays an important role in the Portuguese football calendar. The tournament provides an opportunity for smaller clubs to compete against the country’s top teams, and it has helped to develop young Portuguese players and give them a platform to showcase their talent.